The Exercube is a barrier-free, three-dimensional training surface that allows digital and analogue training approaches to be combined. The opening shape promotes social interaction and encourages new forms of collaboration between trainer/therapist and client.

With a strong team of movement and cognition scientists as well as personal trainers and external research and industry partners Sphery constantly tries to push the boundaries in the area of digital therapy and training. 

UNIQUE SALES PROPOSITION: Sphery uses an interactive design approach to gather knowledge from primary, secondary and tertiary users out of the related field. 

The expected results of the training concept get validated and the outcome gets published by our international University partners. It gives credibility to our training concepts and useful insights to further improve it before launching. 

THE GOAL: The development of highly efficient motor-cognitive training concepts providing additional benefits in the area of prevention, sports and rehabilitation.


Application Areas

As a former professional mountain biker and current SCOTT-SRAM team director, I follow modern training methodology. In our sport, besides strength & endurance, coordination with cognitive training exercises are at the top priority. The ExerCube really convinced me because it combines all these elements in a motivating, playful way. A really ingenious product also for the use in the professional area!

Thomas Frischknecht

Sport: Mountainbike (MTB)

Achievements: Olympic silver medallist, Overall World Cup winner, World and European champion

Training goals:

  • Reinforcement of strength, endurance and coordination
  • Specific training of attention for optimal detection of obstacles on the race track

Ryan Regez

Sport: Skicross

Achievements: Olympic champion & Overall World Cup winner

Training goals: 

  • Improvement of whole-body coordination
  • To increase the ability to react on external influences in a more targeted manner

As an elite athlete, you have the goal of constantly improving. In doing so, I am always trying out new training methods. The ExerCube offers me intensive training, which helps to bring my athletic state to the next level.

Skicross is a contact sport where you are often involved in position battles. The ExerCube helps me to focus completely on the race track without losing my orientation. The environment with the walls creates the feeling of a real racing situation, which optimally prepares me for competitions.

Sanna Lüdi

Sport: Skicross

Achievements: 7th place at the Olympics, 4th place at the World Championships, 3 World Cup victories

Training goals: 

  • Specific training of spatial orientation skills
  • Strengthening of coordinative and cognitive skills in a race-simulating environment

David Hablützel

Sport: Snowboard Halfpipe & Slopestyle

Achievements: 5th place at the Olympics, 4th place at the World Championships

Training goals:

  • Optimising cognitive and coordination skills under stressful situations
  • Time-efficient training to improve endurance

While training with the ExerCube, I can push myself to peak performance on both, physical and cognitive levels. Since I can train several important components for snowboarding in a very short time, I regularly include the ExerCube in my training plan.

With the ExerCube, I bring variety into the training routine of my clients and at the same time increase the effectiveness of the training. I use the ExerCube for both, as a warm-up for my clients and as a 12-minute functional HIIT. As a passionate sports shooter, the training has personally helped me to expand my field of vision.

Stefan Lang

Job: Fitness Instructor, Managing Director STEP SPORTS & SPA Fitness Center


  • Integration of a full body warm-up
  • Efficient performance of functional High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Dr. Sascha Ketelhut

Job: Post-Doc at the Institute of Sport Sciences – University of Bern

Field of research: Medical Performance Diagnostics


  • Exploring the different adaptations of the body resulting from training with the ExerCube

The ExerCube is suitable for research in all fields thanks to the flexible training options, the exceptional combination of physical and cognitive training and the ability to quick adaptation.

Even in old age, it is important to get enough exercise and stay mentally active. The ExerCube allows us to do all that and do it with pleasure, as well as in a fall-proof environment.

Christine & Maya

Job: Senior citizen, looking after grandchildren

Training goals:

  • Strengthening of physical and mental functions
  • Maintaining mobility for everyday life
  • Prevention of falls by strengthening balance

The games in the ExerCube are understandable and motivating for older people who have grown up with less technology. The additional possibility to perform the exercises on a chair is a ray of hope for people with walking disabilities. Having fun while exercising is important to stay physically and mentally fit.

Dania Faria Pinto

Job: Medical engineer & educator

Hobbies: Climbing, meeting friends, baking

Training goals:

  • Improvement of basic endurance
  • Reinforcement of strength through bodyweight training
  • Increasing the ability to stay concentrated for demanding climbing routes

The first time I met the ExerCube was as part of a scientific study. Since then, it has grabbed me and never let go. With the ExerCube, I can train my body optimally for demanding climbing tours and train in an extremely time-efficient way.

In the advanced phase of my rehabilitation process, I can use the ExerCube to reach the last few percentages of maximum performance so that I can start with the handball training again. The immersive environment simulates real game situations in which you are distracted by external influences and thus do not focus entirely on your knee.

Remo Schmid

Job: High school student, junior handball player

Injury: Rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)

Training goals:

  • Return-to-sports for handball
  • Simulation of real game situations for optimal preparation for future competitions
  • Solve „mental stress anxiety“ of the knee


Job: Physiotherapist & research assistant

Field of research: Health and rehabilitation sciences

Training goal:

  • Rapid rehabilitation of patients‘ physical abilities

The ExerCube is really great and brings new motivation in an often very monotonous daily rehabilitation routine. I can adjust the training exercises and the range of motion individually and in a matter of seconds and thus, use the device very flexibly. Depending on the severity of the injury or restriction, 100% supervision is not necessary. This is extremely efficient because it gives me more time for other tasks or patients!

The ExerCube combines both of my interests, sport and gaming. The training also helps me for endurance and the footwork in football. The fact that you can compete with other people all over the world motivates me even more to get better and better.


Job: Pupil

Hobbies: Football, gaming

Training goals:

  • Beat high score
  • Improve balance (Ben’s parents) 
  • To get access to other sports (Ben’s parents)