Schweizer Digitaltag 2020

Willkommen zum ersten physisch inklusiven eSports Turnier der Schweiz

Am Dienstag den 3.11 findet ein episches Battle zwischen Zürich und Winterthur statt. In 8 spannenden Duellen dürfen Spo

Mit einer Liste:

  • Punkt 1 der Liste
  • Punkt 2 der Liste
  • Punkt 3 der Liste
The best of fitness and gaming

Enter the immersive world of the ExerCube!

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Research-based and participatory design

Join the Sphery R&D community and co-create the next fitness game adventure!

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Thanks to an adjustable physical & cognitive challenge, players of every fitness level can participate!

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Welcome to the playful future of fitness training!

Pimp your gym with the ExerCube and reach out for a totally new customer segment!

More about the ExerCube
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The ExerCube – an immersive single and multiplayer functional fitness game – serves as tournament and training equipment.
Thanks to an adjustable physical and cognitive challenge, players of every fitness level, age, gender and with or without limitations experience their individual perfect workout condition and, if performed in the competition mode, have the chance to win.

There are no limits! Age, gender, physicality and fitness don’t matter! EveryBODY can participate! EveryBODY is a physical and cognitive athletes! EveryBODY can be the next ExerCube champion!


Besides smaller local events, we are already running in our headquarter in Zurich, there will be bigger tournament events in 2020. Among others, we will run an international ExerCube tournament at FIBO 2020 in Cologne. Stay tuned for more details.

The Exergaming eSports League for everyBODY!


There will be several ExerCube sub-leagues:

  • The ExerCube «Pro League» brings together professionals from the fitness, sports and gaming sector. Athletes train and qualify in their gyms or training institutions and compete against each other at big tournaments on local, national and international level.
  • The ExerCube «Fun League» brings together amateur athletes from the fitness, sports and gaming sector. No pre-qualification is needed.
  • The ExerCube «Special League» enriches the standardized ExerCube experience with existing sports technologies (e.g., weights, spinning bikes, EMS suits, etc.)
  • The ExerCube «Mobile League» brings a mobile ExerCube version to the users living room. The competition is performed online via cloud.


Looking at the traditional eSports sector, there is still a gap in eSports specific health management, including prevention of physical and mental health issues and specific training programs for traditional eSports athletes. Many eSports athletes suffer from physical and mental issues caused by several hours of training in front of the PC or console. Body & brain fitness games such as the ExerCube by Sphery might also be a beneficial complementary and somehow familiar training tool for eSports athletes.

Sphery runs collaborative studies with their international research partners investigating potential effects of exergaming on the body & brain fitness of various target populations (young adults, games, fitness people, seniors, patients) as well as on the tournament performance of eSports athletes and young professional athletes.

Read more about the initial thoughts and the scientific background here: