Adaptive High-Intensity Exergaming: The More Enjoyable Alternative to Conventional Training Approaches Despite Working Harder



Games for Health Journal, 10(6) (pp. 400-407).




The purpose of this study was to assess psychological and physiological responses to an exergaming session in the ExerCube (EX) and compare them with the responses of a moderate endurance run (ER). Twenty-eight healthy adults (13 women) aged 24.8 ± 3.8 years took part in this study. The first test day, participants performed a graded exercise test on a treadmill to determine maximal heart rate (HR) and lactate levels. The following test days 2 and 3, the participants completed an EX session and an ER on a treadmill in a randomized counterbalanced order. HR, rate of perceived exertion (RPE), and lactate levels were assessed during both sessions. After the sessions, the participants completed the "Physical Activity Enjoyment Scale" and the "Flow Short Scale." The analysis of variance revealed that enjoyment (P = 0.036), flow (P = 0.042), RPE (P = 0.005), as well as mean and peak HR (P < 0.001) during the EX session were significantly higher compared with the ER. Gender did not affect the differences between the two conditions for mean HR (P = 0.61), maximal HR (P = 0.122), RPE (P = 0.862), flow (P = 0.376) nor enjoyment (P = 0.867). During the EX session, the lactate levels of all participants exceeded the individual lactate threshold (LT). During the ER, lactate values remained below the LT. The ExerCube presents both a physiological-relevant exercise stimulus and a joyful gaming experience. Despite the higher exercise intensity achieved during the EX session, enjoyment was significantly higher compared with the ER. Therefore, the EX can be a promising and appealing tool to facilitate physical activity. < 0,001) während der EX-Sitzung im Vergleich zur ER-Sitzung signifikant höher waren. Das Geschlecht hatte keinen Einfluss auf die Unterschiede zwischen den beiden Bedingungen für die mittlere HF (p = 0,61), die maximale HF (p = 0,122), den RPE (p = 0,862), den Flow (p = 0,376) und den Genuss (p = 0,867). Während der EX-Sitzung überschritten die Laktatwerte aller Teilnehmer die individuelle Laktatschwelle (LT). Während der ER blieben die Laktatwerte unter dem LT. Der ExerCube bietet sowohl einen physiologisch relevanten Trainingsreiz als auch ein unterhaltsames Spielerlebnis. Trotz der höheren Trainingsintensität, die während der EX-Sitzung erreicht wurde, war der Spielspass im Vergleich zur ER-Sitzung deutlich höher. Daher kann der ExerCube ein vielversprechendes und ansprechendes Instrument sein, um körperliche Aktivität zu fördern.

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