Contractual provisions for end customers

 1. SPHERY AG (hereinafter referred to as SPHERY) shall provide the guest with the use of all facilities used for training in return for the agreed usage fee for the duration of the contract within the framework of the official opening hours in accordance with the separate house rules. SPHERY’s opening hours shall be published in the house rules or on the homepage. The opening hours or the training facilities are subject to change. The guest’s rights of use are not transferable. The guest is obliged to register his or her presence before the training session using the Sphery booking system (app). These are non-transferable and not intended for third parties.

 2. SPHERY is committed to a doping-free sport and attaches importance to doping-free training facilities. The guest undertakes to refrain from any form of doping.

3. The guest hereby confirms that he/she is in good health. In case of doubt, the guest must consult a doctor before registering. However, a medical certificate does not have to be presented.

4. WARNING! The heart rate monitoring system may be faulty. Excessive exercise can lead to dangerous injuries or death. If your performance decreases abnormally, stop exercising immediately.A

5. The use of SPHERY’s facilities is at the risk and peril of the guest. All liability is excluded to the extent permitted by law.

6. In the event of interruptions of service due to pandemic, cleaning, repairs, coincidence, force majeure, etc., the guest is not entitled to any refunds. The booked lessons / hours will be credited to the customer’s personal account. For guests who are in possession of an annual subscription, the following applies: If the service interruptions exceed a total of four weeks during a contract year, this agreement is automatically extended by the duration of the service interruptions exceeding the four weeks. Further claims of the guest are excluded. Special regulations apply on festive days.

8. SPHERY reserves the right to relocate the training location within a radius of 10 Verlegung der Trainingslocation innerhalb eines Umkreises von 10 km bleibt SPHERY vorbehalten.

9. If the guest seriously violates the house rules, SPHERY shall be entitled to terminate the contract without notice. In this case, the guest shall not be entitled to a refund of his/her usage fee.

10. Guests who bring their children must ensure that they stay in their immediate vicinity and do not disturb other guests. It is strictly forbidden to play around at the ExerCube. SPHERY disclaims all liability.

11. SPHERY shall not be liable for damage, loss or theft of valuables and clothing brought by the guest.

12. Amendments and supplements to this contract must be made in writing to be valid.

12. The house rules are an integral part of the contract.

13. Increases in the usage fee are possible to a maximum extent of 10% of the previous amount and shall be announced by SPHERY at least one month in advance.

14. The house rules and the data protection regulations form an integral part of this contract.

15. The contract, i.e. the training (single lesson, multiple ticket, annual subscription) can be purchased via the homepage or APP. The purchase of a contract is only valid for one location.

16. The annual contract is concluded for a period of 12 months. It is not automatically extended but only by renewing the annual contract. 

17. The agreed user fee is payable as an annual fee,30 days net. In the event of late payment, a reminder procedure will be initiated, with a reminder fee of CHF 50. After the 2nd reminder, the guest is no longer entitled to the right of use according to section 1 (block) until all outstanding amounts have been paid.

18. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contract shall be the respective registered office of SPHERY, currently AU /SG.

House rules

In order to ensure smooth training operations with a high standard of quality, SPHERY AG is dependent on compliance with and awareness of the following rules and conditions:

  • All instructions from the SPHERY team must be followed.
  • The SPHERY posters and videos on handling before and after training and in and around the ExerCube must be viewed prior to commencing training.
  • The ExerCube must be cleaned after each use.
  • The ExerCube may only be used in accordance with the SPHERY team’s instructions and guidelines.
  • Wearing clean gym or equipment shoes is compulsory. We recommend flat indoor shoes to avoid twisting on the dull gym floor.
  • Out of consideration for the other members, we ask people with a strong odour to shower before training.
  • The respective trackers may only be used in the corresponding ExerCube and should be properly returned to the station, plugged into the power, after the training session. The tracker bands are removed after the lesson and placed in the used tracker bin.
  • The ExerCube should not be left between training sessions. Breaks in the ExerCube are allowed.
  • Talking on the mobile phone during the training session is to be avoided.
  • Excessive noise is to be avoided.
  • Any clothes left lying around will be disposed off after 4 weeks.
  • This room is under video surveillance. 
  • The ExerCube as well as the changing room should be left after training as you would like to find it.