How do I react to technical Problems?

Our initial training enables you to independently troubleshoot on site. For more specific errors, however, the Sphery Team is available to you at any time via remote control (online support).

What warranty services can I get in claim?

Sphery offers a 2 year warranty on all electronic parts, the ExerCube construction and the pads.

Do I use VR glasses in training?

For safe and effective movement Sphery relies on a mixed reality setting, which also enables social interaction (no VR).

How many sensors are needed for a good Training control necessary?

For the most accurate detection of movements Sphery recommends wearing 4 motion sensors. However, training is possible from 2 motion sensors.

Can heart rate monitors from different providers can be used?

In principle, all sensors can be used for personal recording of training data. For an ideal communication with the game we recommend the use of the Wahoo TICKR X Sensor (ANT+), because there the most reliable results could be achieved.

Are there further accessories for the ExerCube?

Yes, we offer various extensions:

  • Sennheiser Stereo Speakers
  • Magnetic outside walls to 
  • Individual painting
  • Roof with logo (light protection)
  • Privacy screen
  • TV mount

and much more…

Which product enhancements are planned in the near future?

Sphery releases a new training concept and game design every 6 months, so that a great variety is guaranteed and different training focuses can be set.  

For which application areas was the ExerCube designed FOR?

The possible applications of the ExerCube are very diverse. The different training concepts allow the use in fitness, sports and health facilities, in companies (BGM), at schools, in hotels and of course in malls and flagship stores (retail).