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Digitalisation and the growing e-commerce trend, encouraged by the current pandemic, are presenting city centres and meeting places with new challenges.

New solutions are urgently needed to close this emerging gap. 

Sphery’s Micro Studio Mixed Reality Sports experience creates a new meeting zone for people of all ages (  

  • Sphery Franchise. Your innovation. Your competitive advantage!
  • Unique experience for people of all ages! 
  • Training, Rehab, Fun or Competition – you decide where you want to focus on!
  • Motivating physical, cognitive and mental training
  • An investment of around 90 TEUR and space requirements of only 75qm2 are ideal starting conditions for a successful business. 


The Sphery ExerCube offers a unique combination of a highly efficient functional HIIT and motivating play worlds. The immersive experience invites for single or multiplayer training units at your own location or across locations. The focus is on playing and competing with friends. Your performance improvements in the cognitive & physical area are still omnipresent and can be checked in the personal progress development.

The ExerCube, thanks to its protected atmosphere and adaptive play mechanics, connects all people, sportsmen, couch potatoes, kids, disabled people, men and women with different levels of performance. All of them are individually challenged thanks to an adaptive physical-cognitive play mechanism.

Start your success story with the Sphery franchise now!

The Micro Studio concept from Sphery is ideal for revitalising malls and inner-city locations but is also suitable for smaller cities with a population of around 10,000 or more. On an area of 52qm2 – 72qm2 the premises are easy to identify and the fixed costs for personnel and rent remain manageable.

Continuous investments such as in an app., new products or the further development of streaming are covered by the franchisor Sphery. This means that the franchisee can continuously benefit from new innovative products and services without additional costs.

This unique combination with a total investment of only 86 TEUR offers ideal conditions for a successful and especially sustainable business model. Write your success story with Sphery!

The Sphery franchise system

Our financial and start-up experts provide support in the preparation of business and liquidity plans and are available for consultation during the entire financing process!

Sphery checks the desired area for potential and, by protecting the area, ensures that no further Sphery franchise studios are opened in the immediate vicinity.
Training & Education
Well-trained trainers as a success factor! Sphery offers regular trainings for training & use of the ExerCube, but also for sales, success control & marketing.
Sphery implements centralised measures to attract new members and retain existing members & supports daily business with the appropriate marketing materials.
Mixed Reality Sports
All franchise partners receive a licence to hold the official qualification tournaments for the quarterly Majors.


Enter the world of physical eSports. This unique experience will bring together people of all ages! 


The combination of effective physical and kognitive training concepts in combination with motivating games will attract a large audience. 


Low cost structure and despite low investment continuous access to innovative products!