Dimensions ExerCube


V1 = L : 230 cm* B : 312 cm* H : 280 cm*

V2 = L : 230 cm* B : 312 cm* H : 250 cm*




1000 WATT


2 separate 230V power inputs





the ExerCube

The playful future of fitness – Go with the Dual Flow!

The ExerCube is an immersive fitness game setting which combines innovative soft- and hardware designs with state-of-the-art training concepts.

Sphery’s fitness game solution is aimed for but not limited to the use in gyms.

When working out with the ExerCube, the player is surrounded by three walls, which serve as projection screens and a haptic interface for energetic bodily interactions. 

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Pimp your gym with the ExerCube!

Your ExerCube. Your innovation. Your advantage!
 Differentiate from competition
 Reach out for a totally new customer segment!
 Make your customers fitter & happier than ever before.

Training Concept

The Sphery Racer is controlled with full-body functional workout movements. Functional training is well known for its overall training effects of increasing endurance, strength, and flexibility. It has been defined as demanding multiple muscle and joint activities, combining upper and lower body movements, and utilizing more of the body in each movement.

The additional cognitive challenge, which is conveyed to the player by various audio-visual and game mechanical signals, makes the Sphery Racer a holistic body and brain training.

A customized motion tracking system transfers the player’s movements to the avatar on the virtual racing track. Players further wear a heart rate sensor during the training session.

In the near future, we will offer further experiences featuring new game scenarios and training concepts and will also provide movement therapy-specific ExerCube settings as well as a version for at home.


The Sphery Racer is the first ExerCube game experience. The audio-visual appearance and theme of the fitness game setting were inspired by individual wishes and preferences of digital natives aged 18-50 years.

The virtual game scenario takes the player on a rapid sci-fi themed underwater race. The player navigates an avatar on a hoverboard, speeding along a racing track and passing by various motor-cognitive challenging obstacles.

To ensure a maximum attractive and effective workout experience for everybody, game difficulty and complexity are continuously adapted to the player’s individual fitness and cognitive skills during the ExerCube session.

The game can be played as single player or as cooperative or competitive multiplayer in a shared and in multiple ExerCubes.

Play duration and modes are flexibly adjustable. The player also receives an individual training evaluation after each ExerCube session.

The ExerCube connects people of all ages

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„With the ExerCube I bring variety into the training routine of my customers without the effectiveness of the training suffering. With some customers I use the ExerCube as a warm-up and with others I do a 12-minute functional HIIT!“

– Dave, Personal Trainer, Zurich 



„The ExerCube is a real customer magnet and a real eye-catcher. We have placed it very prominently so that it catches the eye of potential new customers!“

– Marcus, Personal Trainer, San Francisco



„As a former professional mountain biker and SCOTT-SRAM Team Director I follow the modern training methodology. In our sport, besides strength and endurance, coordination with cognitive training exercises is the top priority. The ExerCube really convinced me, because it combines all these elements in a motivating, playful way. A really ingenious product also for the use in the professional area!“

– Thomas, Olympic medalist, multiple MTB World Champion, Switzerland



„The ExerCube is really great and brings new motivation into the otherwise very monotonous everyday life of rehab. I can adjust the training exercises and the range of motion individually and within seconds and thus use the device very flexibly. Depending on the severity of the injury or restriction, there is no need for 100% supervision. This is great, because I have more time for other tasks or customers!“

– Stefan, Physiotherapist, Rehab Clinic Bad Zurzach, Switzerland 



research-based development

To guarantee a highly effective and motivating ExerCube workout, we continuously test and evaluate our products and individual design cycles in cooperation with our international research partners from the fields of movement science, HCI and game research, psychology and others.


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