CBDO & Co-Founder

Dave is an experienced personal trainer with a background in movement science. Numerous years of experience helped him to build up a strong network in the fitness sector. To offer his clients state-of-the-art fitness training, Dave is also active as entrepreneur looking for new innovative and promising ideas to challenge the existing fitness market and to «get in shape».

COO & Co-Founder

Fitness should be fun but also challenging, just like life – that’s Helko`s business motto, which he combines with a visionary focus helping to bring fitness closer to people.
Helko has a background in business administration and coaching. He has worked for various fitness brands and is specialized in the fields of business development, marketing and communications.

CEO & Co-Founder

Game design meets sports science: To combine expert knowledge of both disciplines and make innovative ideas become real – that is Anna’s vision, which she pursues in numerous interdisciplinary projects focusing on topics like «Exergames», «Games for Health», »Body-centered Computing» and «Human Computer Interaction» since 2010. With her sport scientific background and her position as Senior Researcher with the Subject Area in Game Design at the Zurich University of the Arts, she served as idea provider and gave the initial impulse for Sphery’s «Dual Flow» approach. Additionally, Anna is responsible for all creative and scientific topics.

CFO & Co-Founder

Stephan is passionate football player and gamer. He loves how Sphery brings two of his favored leisure time activities together – fitness and gaming.
Stephan has a comprehensive vision of the company and is in an ideal position to not only be a business partner but also to be a business challenger as he works independently from operations.
He has specialized in finance and accounting over the last 10 years and gathered experiences in various leadership positions in international operating companies.

What we Do


The Zurich-based FitTech startup Sphery Ltd specializes in game-based, personalized and multimedia training concepts and technologies, which are combined with innovative and unique hardware and software designs.

With a research-based and participatory development approach, Sphery contributes to the physical and mental health of today’s «digital native» society.