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April  2022

Wow, that was great, FIBO Global Fitness!!! 🤩
We had four full days of fun, fitness and Mixed Reality Sports with amazing people and partners. 

Also, we ran the final of Season 1 of the Sphery AG ExerCube League, and the teams set the Cubes on fire! 🔥🤸‍♀️🚀👾

Two exciting panels, inspiring insights and new contacts rounded off the amazing exprience! 😊

We are very much looking forward to next year‘s FIBO! 🤩


March  2022

It is a big honor to have the ExerCube at one of the most historical retail stores in Switzerland located directly at Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. 

Check out this unique shopping experience at Jelmoli


June 2021


We are very happy that with our new partner in Hamburg we can finally provide a training solution to stimulate and improve older adults’ physical, cognitive and mental functions and thus enhance their daily life. 

June 2021


We are very happy that the first features of our brand new Sphery App are finally available. Set your own fitness goals, compete on global leaderboards or challenge friends all over the world. The Sphery App connects you with people all over the world and gives you the challenge you need to reach the top of the leaderboard. 

May 2021

AAL Project Start

The ExerGetic project aims to develop and examine an innovative digital training/therapy solution to individually improve physical and cognitive functions of the geriatric population. Check out the website for more details and all partners involved. 

March 2021

First Micro Studio Opening in Switzerland

With our new Customer APLUS we were able to realize the first Sphery Micro Studio concept in Switzerland. High quality interior combined with flashing LED displays, TVs and a streaming setting created an amazing experience on only 50qm. Ideal for people of all ages to train their physical and cognitive skills in a playful and competitive manner. Check out the Video or visit our new Micro Studio landing page. 


Sphery Franchise

November 2020

START: 01.01.2021

Create a unique Mixed Reality Sports experience with the brand new Sphery Franchise concept

On an area of 50-70 qm2, a total investment of less than 100k and continuous access to new state-of-the-art products from the Franchisor Sphery enable break-even in the first year.

Experience exciting duels with friends, family or strangers and fight for the top of the table on international leaderboards in a unique mixed reality sports world.

For more information please send an email to:!

Mixed Reality Sports Association

November 2020

On Thursday, November 20th, the International Association of Mixed Reality Sports (XRS) is publicly launched in Munich (GER), Helsinki (FIN) and Zurich (CH).

Initiated early October by the CEOs and Founders of
four pioneering companies in the rapidly growing industry, the world’s first association of its kind is meant to support and grow the meaning of mixed reality sports (XRS).

International Mixed Reality Sports (XRS) association promotes physical activity by combining sports, technology and gaming. This combination enables enjoyable but also highly challenging sports that change how people move all over the world. XRS association brings together major product manufacturers, operators and sponsors globally to share knowledge, create standards, form and educate addressable interest groups, and shape the future of mixed reality sports and competitions. 

Become a part of the association now

German Design Award


November 2020

Woo-hoo! The ExerCube League was awarded GOLD at the German Design Award 2021! 

We are sooo happy and extremely proud that the league has received a second highly significant award after the FIBO Innovation & Trend Award.

This time the ExerCube League wins in the category Excellent Communication Design (Brand Identity).

Big thanks to the Jury of the German Design Council. Click on the Link for more information!

November 2020

Digitalization through new technologies opens up great opportunities! 

Sphery has been part of the 1st Episode of Shift. Check out the cool Video we did with Swisscom – ENJOY!

A more detailed interview with our CEO can be found under the following LINK!

Big thanks to all the people who participated in the production of the video and a special thanks to Ozan Polat who directly jumped on the leaderboard. 

November 2020

One highlight in November was for sure the installation of an ExerCube at the laboratory of the Institute of Sport Science at the University of Bern. 

This great collaboration is getting stronger and stronger and we are very happy to support you with all the upcoming research projects.

A big thanks to all the people who supported us to get the Cube up and running. 

BTW, the great mountain landmark of the Berner Highlands was really a great idea of you guys. 

October 2020

It is so amazing to see how more and more Universities discover the great potential of the ExerCube in a research context.

We are very proud that the University of the federal armed forces Munich has extended their great laboratory by one ExerCube. 

We are looking forward to this great research collaboration and a lot of new interesting insights of our physical and cognitive training approach.

Thanks for your great support on site.

Oktober 2020

Now the time has finally come. An ExerCube has found a new home in Israel. Yesterday the customs clearance was granted in Tel Aviv and today it already went further into the northern region of Galilee. 

In Karmiel a state-of-the-art rehabilitation centre with the best therapists in Israel will soon open its doors. 

We are very happy to be a part of this project and can’t wait to meet the great team in person.

FIBO 2020 Digital

Oktober 2020

On the 2nd of October the FIBO 2020 was held in a digital form for the very first time.

This year’s award winners were invited to the production studios in Düsseldorf for the award ceremony. This eventful day came to an end with great discussions and a joint dinner.

Many thanks to the entire Reed Exhibitions team for the great effort and congratulations to a very successful execution of the FIBO 2020 Digital for the very first time. 

Digital Shaper 2020

September 2020

Wow, what an honour! Our CEO Anna was voted one of the 100 most important people in Switzerland.

The Digital Shapers of Switzerland were selected by a consortium of representatives of the Handelszeitung BILANZ Wirtschaftsmagazin and digitalswitzerland!  

This is also an amazing recognition for the entire Sphery AG team, which is shaping the digital future of sport at full speed!

Congratulations to all the other 99 Digital Shapers!

September 2020

On the 1st of September we started our Innosuisse project.

With great partners like the Inselspital from Bern and the Zurich University of the Arts, we are looking forward to working together.

Over the next 1.5 years we will be working on „Effects of game-based training on the cardiometabolic and cerebrovascular health of people at risk of type 2 diabetes“.

The photo shows all partners at the Kickoff Meeting in Bern. The happy and motivated faces under the masks can only be recognised at second glance.

August 2020

At the end of August, Anna, our CEO, had the honour of attending a special Greater Zurich Area event.

The first programme of the new season #GZAPerspektiven was broadcast from the highest granary in the world, the Kornhaus in Zurich. 

Topic: #COVID19: Catastrophe or catalyst for the Greater Zurich Area? Click on the link to find a summary in English and the original recording as a video (in German):


August 2020

Since August, an ExerCube has been standing at the Mercator primary school in Berlin.

In a 12-week study the ExerCube is now part of the lessons. Due to the close proximity to the classrooms, short training units can be integrated into the ongoing lessons. We are very excited about the results!

Thank you dear Mercator Team for the openness to carry out such a project. 

Sphery at lifeforce fitness

June 2020

And another great opening we would like to share with you. It is the incredible LifeForce Fitness Gym in Crailsheim (Germany).

A great concept combined with very impressive equipment and a great team. If you are close by, you really have to pay them a visit. Check out the homepage to get a first impression LifeForce Fitness! 

June 2020

Finally, we can continue delivering out our brand new ExerCubes!

Grand opening of the 1st FITNESS PARK Studio in Madrid, Spain. Such a great combination of modern and traditional training tools and an absolute customer magnet due to the great room concept! We believe that this will be the new standard for modern and innovative Studios in the future. Very well done FITNESS PARK and proud to be part of it. 

German Innovation Award

May 2020

On the 26th of March, we received the great message, that Sphery has won the German Innovation Award in the category „Business to Consumer – Travel, Sports & Outdoor“!

We feel so honored and are very happy that the Jury did see all the additional benefits the ExerCube offers. Please find more information here!

April 2020

2nd FIBo innovation Award in a row

Unbelievable, Sphery has won the FIBO Innovaton & Trend Award again. This time with our brandnew ExerCube League in the category „Digital Fitness“! Check out the article!

January 2020

GErman innovation Award NOMINEE

Speechless, Sphery has been nominated for the German Innovation Award in the category „Business to Consumer – Travel, Sports & Outdoor“! 

January 2020

CES Las Vegas

What a great experience. Sphery for the first time in the USA and part of the Swiss Pavilion at CES 2020. Check out the opening day video from Presence Switzerland!

January 2020

ISPO Brandnew Award for Sphery

WOW, Sphery has been chosen as Selected Brand of ISPO Brandnew at ISPO Munich – 2020 


September 2019

THE new spheries

Sphery started building up the core team. We are so happy about the skills and personality of our new team members

September 2019

First fitness gaming gym

Sphery opens for public. The unique combination of effective & attractive training concepts is now available for everybody. Book your training now!

June 2019

Proof of market

Sphery succesfully executed it’s first pilot project with the biggest French Fitness provider. The feedback was amazing and the roll-out planned for the beginning of 2020.

May 2019 


The 2nd ExerCube study is now available on ACM Digital Library Enjoy!

8th of May 2019


Anna’s TEDx Talk is now live. Watch it on YouTube. Learn more about Anna’s journey from a sports scientist to a game researcher who’s now shaping the playful future of fitness training!

3rd of April 2019

SPHERY is Nominated!

Hurray! Sphery is nominated for the FIBO Innovation & Trend Award 2019 in the category «Startup»! 

20th of February 2019

1st quarter 2019

European Sports Tech Report

Wow! Sphery got featured in the European Sports Tech Report 2019. Thanks a lot, Sportstechx! We feel very honored.

April 2019

Research hub

Sphery has been on several big international conferences to present our latest study results conducted wth our int. research partners Among others, we have been to CHI, CHI Play, JCSG, DVS Hochschultag and Game Days in Darmstadt.

May 2019


Let the research games begin: We started the first studies at our lab at Römerhof in collaboration with ETH Zurich and TU Chemnitz! So excited to find out more about the motor-cognitive effects of our ExerCube training.

May 2019 

SPHERY@TU Darmstadt: WTT Serious Games

We are very happy to be part of the amazing WTT Serious Games project at TU Darmstadt! Check it out on their website.  


4th – 9th of May 2019


Anna will be presenting the second ExerCube paper at CHI’19 in Glasgow / May 4th-9th. It is the result of an amazing research collaboration with Katja Rogers from Ulm University, Laia Turmo Vidal and Elena Segura Márquez from Uppsala University and Elisa Mekler from University of Basel. 

16th – 18th of January 2019


We showcased the ExerCube at dvs Sportmotorik in Bern.  

April 2019

sphery on TV

Sphery has been featured by „die Höhle der Löwen“ on VOX. We are very proud that our application made it to the famous TV show and we are thankful for the great feedback.

3rd of April 2019


Woooow! We are so honored, happy and thankful that we won the FIBO Innovation and Trend Award 2019!

30th of March 2019


Here we are! Our headquater at Römerhof is now officially open!

4th – 7th of April 2019


Yeah! We will exhibit the ExerCube at Fibo 2019 (hall 7, booth A76). #wearefibo 


1st quarter 2019


Hurray! Our Sphery Showroom / Lab / Office at Römerhof Zurich will open soon!


16th of November 2018

Sphery@TEDx Zurich

Anna had the great opportunity to give a talk on virtual training worlds at the TEDx Studio in Zurich. Please press on the link to watch this inspiring talk of our female CEO. 

19th of October 2018


We had the chance to test and exhibit the ExerCube at the 1st SBB Sandbox at Zurich Main Station. 

20th – 29th of July 2018

2nd Sphery User Testing

We ran our 2nd study with the ExerCube. We compared the attractiveness and effectiveness of a cube workout with a personal trainer session.

7th – 8th of November 2018


Anna presented our first ExerCube paper at Joint Conference on Serious Games in Darmstadt. And yeah! The paper was awarded the Best Paper Award! 

14th – 16th of September 2018


We were part of the Zurich Game Show 2018. 

15th – 16th of May 2018


We were part of the 1st SPOT 2018 in Lausanne and pitched our vision of the playful future of fitness training. 

19th – 25th of March 2018

1st Sphery User Testing

We ran our very 1st study with the ExerCube. We tested the early stage prototype and asked testers for inspirations for the further design. 

25th of October 2018


We had the chance to exhibit the ExerCube at the 2nd Swiss Digitalday at Zurich Main Station. It was an honor to present our vision to the Swiss President Alain Berset and share our ideas with a large audience at the Pitching Battle stage. Check our the cool video which was produced at the event here!

20th – 23rd of August 2018


We were part of the Swiss Games Delegation and had the chance to exhibit the ExerCube at Gamescom 2018 in Cologne.

09th – 11th of April 2018


It was a great pleasure to be part of FIBO 2018 and to present our work at the European Health and Fitness Forum infront of an expert audience.